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Brewery Art Colony Blog
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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
2:46 am
neighborhood goin down
My neighbor found a teenage kid burglarizing his loft. He held him and saw me and had me call the cops. Lots of homeless case the joint here, I think the kid was a scout for some other thugs looking to lift some valuables. Two idiots here let a homeless guy stay with them and were shocked when a lot of their valuable shit went missing. The vibe here is definitely a little frayed at the edges, funny stares, less sense of community. Reminds me of the other ten yuears I spent living Downtown, so it does not bother me, gotta tell the girlfriend/wife to remember to look around and walk purposefully, even when it seems liek such the gated community here.
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
3:19 am
Spring Artwalk dates:

Saturday & Sunday May 14 & 15, 2005, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
1:20 pm
Headache of the day
The Artwalk Invites had a few typos in them and people at the Brewery went ballistic.

It turns out that the printer had used an unedited file that had been used to get a price quote for the job.

The Brewery Art Association will likely be spending the money saved on this for print advertising for the event.
Friday, August 20th, 2004
5:23 pm
Brewery Artwalk is scheduled for October 16 & 17, 2004 from 11 am til 6 pm each day.
Free admission, free parking. A hundred artists open their studios. Enjoy!
More Info Click Here
Saturday, July 24th, 2004
12:35 am
Charles in Charge
Some idiots in the upstairs level of the atrium painted their loft. They left the window open and the fan blowing and sprayed their room. The atrium has silver spackles in one corner below their 2nd story window now. Get it, Silver, like Warhol's factory! Not to mention that nobody could breathe in the atrium all afternoon. The guy has a respirator and an open window and a fan and just sprays away while we all gag.
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
11:35 pm
So an artist at the Brewery Art Colony decides to call up one of the escort advertisements in the back of the L.A. Weekly. The girl arrives with a bodyguard goon. She is appears nothing like he was led to believe and he tells them thanks but no thanks. The goon says Fuck You and sprays the artist with mace. The Goon and the escort leave. The artist, blinded, runs to a neighbor's loft screaming. the neighbor lets him in and they attemp to wash out the mace. The stuff is still fresh that the neighbor gets burning mace all over his hands and face.

And the moral of the story is...
...if you want to have sex without any attachments at the Brewery Art Colony, be a famous artist and bang your groupies for free.
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
8:45 pm
Tow Zone
A whole bunch of cars in the parking lot here got marked with the dreaded yellow crayon Tow Notice: TOW 6/25.
Each car gets a little legal paper on its windshield wiper and then the trucks come on Monday or Tuesday morning.

There were like 15 dirty windshields with this notice scrawled up around the various parking lots here. It will be nice when there is a decent place to park around here. Of course, a few months back, when it was my cr, i was all whiney about this. Then i got off my ass and got my car registration tags updated and that was that.
Thursday, June 17th, 2004
2:26 am
There was a fire in an artist's loft this morning. Firetrucks, people amassing, the whole deal. Nobody hurt, no apparent cause.
The hallway at 2020 N. Main is coated in soot. The people on the scene regaled all of us with tales. I slept through it all.
Apparently, the lofts on either side of the one that burned had smoke and water damage as well.
Friday, May 28th, 2004
10:18 am
The memorial for John Schroeder is Monday night at 7 p.m. at Llyn Foulkes' Church of Art, 630 Moulton at the Brewery Art Colony. It is pot luck.
Monday, May 24th, 2004
2:02 am
John Schroeder
Artist John Schroeder passed away at home in Pasadena on Sunday afternoon. The cause of death was undetermined. He had recently gotten back to Southern California after settling the estate of his late mother, who had passed away a few months ago in Oregon.

John had a day studio at the Brewery Art Colony from where he made art and also sold fossils and other small collectibles, usually taken straiht from nature. John himself was a walking fossil of the 1960s, still with long hair and beard. He drove a pickup truck emblazoned with the political slogan Iraq is Vietnam in the Sand.

John was a great draftsman and an imaginative illustrator. He had a share of art world success in the early 1970s but was totally uninterested in playing any art world games. Some of his drawings were included in a 2000 group exhibition of Brewery Artists 12 Pack at Northern California's Shasta College. He curated a show of artists from the Santa Fe Art Colony at the Brewery's i-5 Gallery.

He had a playful sense of humor and deep spirituality based in nature. He was a kind man, which is more than you can say about most people. He was one of the first artists to have a studio at the Brewery Art Colony, a musty space on the second floor of the fermenting room (600 Moulton) which was always packed at artwalk.
Sunday, May 9th, 2004
5:13 pm
They are going to build the headquarters for the LAPD bomb squuad across the street from the Brewery Art Colony. They are surveying and clearing the land right now.
Saturday, April 24th, 2004
2:20 am
PARDEE- not.
So this cokehead is having a big brawling party here at the Brewery Art Colony and his friends start walking around on the roof - a roof that is just corrugated metal, nothing else save plastic bubble skylights - and these artsy frat boys are peeking into the skylights of the studios. And i happen to be in one of these lofts looking up. So hey Logan, everyone tells me you are the biggest cocaine user and best party-thrower at the Brewery. And I'm the one who called the cops on your peeping-tom party, hope they didn'tfind your stash.
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
12:04 am
Painter Robert Peluce, a Brewery tenant - he and his wife Gyorgi had a day studio in the atrium - passed away this evening. He was a masterful draftseman with a witty mind that came through in paintings that were as epic as they were whimsical. He had been ill over the past year.
Sunday, April 11th, 2004
6:40 pm
Easter Weekend
A sleepy Sunday afternoon walking around the Brewery and seeing a steady stream of people in nice cars who thought that the Artwalk was today.

Its next week.
Thursday, April 1st, 2004
3:36 am
The resaurant had Filet Mignon tonigh, oh holy hell it was sublime - except they put mushroom gravy on it, huh? anyway, good good good.

Last week I took some journalists around the Brewery, we saw the show at L.A. Artcore, it was by a Japanese artist. They saw the group how at the i-5 gallery but were more enchanted by the baby of the guy sitting the gallery than by the art.

So then two days ago I gave someone else a quick tour and started reciting what each loft's occupant did as I walked by - it was crazy, not only how many peoples' business I knew but how impressive and diverse the crowd here really is.
Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
1:24 am
The restaurant had a fish called CHAR I think, it was delicious. they had Tilapia last week that was great as well. The Lunch bartender brought a bunch of photos of the L.A. punk scene in the late 70s, very intense fstuff, it was a different world then. She looked totally punk, in the artsy evening gown and shocking haircut sort of punk way, back before it could ever be mannered.

The Brewery seems to be not as solidly pro-John Kerry as it is Anti-George Bush.

So if it is almost two a.m. and people in the atrium are loud and laughing and talking endlessly, do Ijust assume they are on coke? Yes.
Saturday, March 27th, 2004
12:53 am
Sank You
Artwalk Invitations have been printed and delivered and are at the i-5 Gallery awaiting pickup.
I took some journalists form Japan around on a tour of the Brewery. The L.A. Convetion & Visitors Bureau had arranged the junket. They were very polite and took a lot of pictures and asked good questions of the artist whose studios they visited. I made sure to only take them to clean, professional looking lofts. Lat thing we need to read about is piles of dirty laundry and the smell of B.O. mixed with freeway exhaust. Ooops, just described two thirds of my neighbors!
Thursday, March 25th, 2004
1:03 am
Patio Conversations
Had the Ribeye steak and fries for lunch at the restaurant here. Deeeeelicious.

They were mopping the atrium - the concrete gets very dusty and the smell is gross if the place doesn't get attention from the cleanup crew here. A little maintenance makes a big difference.

There was what we thought to be a screwup on the Brewery Artwalk invitation. Someone registered their company name as an exhibitor and I entered their individual name on the invitation. Too late to change it. At least there was some mention of her, as when the company name was not on the final, approved draft, I thought we would have to refund the company's money.

Main Street is torn up a mile and a half from the Brewery, by Alameda. I am totally not going in that direction for the oreseeable future.

Michael Salerno is out of the hospital, he is taking walks around the property as a form of mild exercise. I saw Llyn Foulkes this afternoon and asked him if he had seen the Minimalism show at MOCA. He laughed heartily, as his art and outlook is diametrically opposed to the concerns of those artists.
Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
12:01 am
Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce
The restaurant had an excellent chocolate cheesecake today.

Max P. was back from New York where he was in the Armory show. Charles told me if his cats become a problem he and I can seal up the loft - he lives above me and there is a gap along our back wall that dander could get through. Zak met with prospective roomates at the restaurant. Ten leases are coming up for renewal in July, everyone gets notified by Mid-April, so some turnover with all of the artwalk attendees may be coming.

Michael Salerno is out of the hospital and looking healthy.

UPS will be donating their parking lot to the Brewery Artwalk if everything goes well.

It rained just enough to get all of the cars dirty - combine a short light drizzle with extensive freeway exhaust and you get industrial mud coating on your wheels.
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
12:45 am
Adios Liz
The restaurant here had a decent sausage special with cheese-filled pasta shells today, had that for lunch. I ordered the hamburger for dinner.

Big gossip is that Liz L. is moving out - she may hold the record for most lofts lived in at the brewery. Let me see if i can recall now, she moved in here as girlfriend of Mark C in 1999, then moved from his pad to the Atrium as a roommmate with Tattoo Kim (I put a good word in with the office for them. Then she got her own pad below the server space loft - no upstairs neighbor, totally lucky, really. Soon, James the Bartender moved in as her roommate. Then she moved in with Punctured Kat, and then after gossip central, she got Oliver's roommate Charles to move in with her - ABOVE ME. That is five lofts and five different roommates in five years. Liz L is also famous for working at the restaurant here for exactly one day. She also ran the artwalk two or three times.

So she is supposedly out on April 15th and Charles has the $1,150 loft all to himself.
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